WTB Sk3 6374 170kv sensored

Wanted: sk3 6374 170kv sensored.

Located in NYC



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You should hit up @Chibatterysystems :slight_smile:

edit: which you probably already did lol facepalm

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Yea lol I got some 190kv’s from him, buy also need 170kv’s now

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I’m looking for the same motor for the spiral gear drives I ordered. I wish I knew about the group buy before hand.

Oh Alan…remember what I said…:point_up_2:

One foot out of line sunshine and even one picture of that euc and you are finished.

I got juice now boyo. :sunglasses:


wait why’d you sell me those 6364’s? I mean they’re ALMOST 6374!

I wanted something bigger.

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Aren’t you like 120lb? Lol
Most the psychotiller builds are on 6369 (6364)
As well as a few of senders and mmaners builds.
All those guys have like 100lb on you and haul ass. Especially sender.


Really you should be buying 63100s

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I can pretty easily heat up a 6374 to the where if i put my hands on the motor itll hurt.

@Dareno gonna probably continue the 13s10p build… Just cause your teasing me with the 13s10p bro

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How did you know it was me? :rofl:

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