Wtb sensor connectors alternatives

Not sure where to put this and I’m too lazy to search on my cell.

What are some alternatives for sensor connectors for motors for moisture proofing or cleaner looks.

I know haggy had some but since there down for a couple more monthes. Seeing what’s out there

Gx12 connectors are a bit bulky but do the job


These guys on Amazon

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Well hot dog. I was looking for those but didn’t want to order from alibaba.

Can’t say I’ve actually bought them before. But I’ve had them saved for sometime in the future.

Well for science I guess

For the best water tight, these connectors on amazon work awesome.


Nice try sir.


Fourth time today I hate you guys


I have some extra haggyboard sensor wires and connectors.

It’s the legit stuff.

Threaded locking.


They look awesome. Was too slow to the diy party

This is the best one I’ve found so far, have not tried yet, GX series works, but it’s not really waterproof unless you do a good job of sealing everything inside with epoxy, but still water will get on the contacts, been meaning to try dielectric grease on them

US $0.59 44% Off | 1Pcs M12 Waterproof 2 3 4 5 6 8 Pin Male /Female IP68 Panel Power Cable Plug for LED Strip Automatic Control Equipment Connector


f*ck man brian why you gotta do it to us like that


Right now my goal is to be able to undo my motors and swap without taking my enclosure apart between like 3-4 boards to test drive trains motors and decks.
Having the jst connector.outside the deck in seattle feels like a huge gamble for me :laughing:

I know right. I know Brian’s attitude on waterproofing shit and that he doesn’t run sensors, so was dubious but I fell for it all the same :pensive:


:joy::joy::fu: fucking what’s your address I’ll send you some tape


I’m switching to Molex Mizu-P25 connectors on my ebike (They’re the smallest waterproof connectors I’ve been able to find), but they only go up to 4-pin and I’m having trouble finding a suitable crimping tool.

I’ve got an Iwiss IWS-3220 coming on Monday, we’ll see if that works.

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I use Hirose HR10A (6pin), with conformal coating + liquid electrical tape. It appears to work well on a street board with occasional puddles, but I would not trust it to be fully IP68 or anything like that.


Just use SP13 connectors. Not the prettiest, but they are IP68 rated and go up to 9 poles afaik. Plus they are cheap, especially from China.

Correction: they go even higher, SP21 goes up to 12pins, other variants even higher, so you could potentionally throw your BMS.