WTB: Pro-built 12s3p 30q battery pack

Along with charge port, small charge-only BMS, and an XT-60 on long leads.

Needs to be shipped to Hawaii.

Needs to fit the choo choo deck enclosure’s width and have long-ish wiring because I want to mount it towards the front for weight distribution.

I was in touch with @hyperion1 via PM about a pack, but haven’t heard back from him in a while, so I’m reaching out to the wider community.

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Here’s an image of the deck. I want 4 rows of 9 cells.

A pic of Ale’s 12s3p battery, with left over space on the sides that I want to fill, hopefully giving me more space for Unity, wires, switch, chaege port, etc.



I don’t think I could ship batteries to Hawaii as they require ground transportation… Sorry.