WTB Pre-Wired 12mm momentary switch

USA. Looking for a prewired JST momentary switch. CBA to make one at the moment.

Amazon has countless options. “12mm momentary switch”. Unless you’re trying to find a deal through the forum.

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I’d sell you one of my many extras but shipping would cost more than the switch.

Might be worth clarifying if you want a normally open, or normally closed (or both) momentary switch. I have a few 12mm normally open momentary switches that I discovered were pretty much useless to me because the Trampa VESC I’m using needed normally closed :sweat_smile: . In fact, I wasn’t able to find a 12mm normally closed switch with LED, had to go up to a 16mm switch for that.

I’m based in Australia, so no help to you here.

Dont have the stuff to do the wiring and it would end up cheaper just to buy one from someone else.


yeah sure I’ll even do a custom legnth.

Bet. ill shoot you a dm