WTB Pneumatic longboard wheel pulleys

Hey guys, Looking at putting 8 inch Pneumatic wheels on my new board and purchased them cheap with no pulleys. Wondering where I can get some good quality aluminum pulleys.

Thanks Judd.

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Which wheels? Pics would help, not all pulleys fit all wheels


this one? I could sell you only the pulley.

Didnt order them yet almost did.

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You are probably better of getting the dicky ho ones.

Those are Trampa Clones and the quality would be questionable.

I’m going to test them sir


The dickyho pulley probably won’t fit that wheel (i have both), but I’m sure someone will chime in with one that should work. I don’t know about the quality as I have yet to abuse my trampa clones, but I will say that @dickyho airless have been very, very good to me. Good price for a set if 4 with pulley installed… I’ve got about 100 miles on them, very happy so far.

Any superstar pulleys should fit.

Interested in what you think of those hubs. I want a few for spare tires.

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Any chance I can get a link?

You can probably find them from another vendor too but not sure who. Or 3d print your own.

Good to see you on here @dickyho ! You should create a new topic showing all the various products you sell as well as anything you are working on

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I really miss dicky’s old dog profile picture, it was so damn cute!!

Should it be a super thread for all the products or just the cool new ones? Across the various shops he has 50ish items


I’d say the main ones like the mounts and wheels. I was one of the first customers to buy the long mount and I really believe in what dicky has done for the lower end of the DIY esk8 market, producing high quality products very cheaply and actually developing and listening to customers

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Thanks for all your supports too!