WTB Moon Luna 350 Baseplates

Looking for Moon Luna 350 baseplates. 15* and 0*. Let me know if you have one or the other. I’m located in Oregon USA.


May I suggest boardnamics adjustable baseplates


+1 to Evan’s suggestion, currently running Luna 350s with BN adj baseplates myself


I may have to get the BNs. I actually jist sold a pair last week lol. They weere the old style ones that were 7mm taller. Main reason Im looking for actual Moon baseplates is so i can have the board as close to the ground as possible. When i had the adjustables on my other board, it raises the height 18mm over normal baseplates :dizzy_face:


Ah dang. I’m not sure which batch I have, but if there’s any extra height, I’m thankful for it. Then again, I’m using a DS enclosure, so every mm counts to get me over speed bumps…

Right? Haha. In my case i have single stack and i drive my cars scraping so id like my board to do the same :laughing::laughing:. I did find some 15* plates though so now i just need a 0* plate. Worst case scenario i will buy it from Moon. The 15* was the important one since its out of stock

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Btw what angles did you end up using for front and rear on your board?


is a good question

i’m honestly not sure, i adjusted them 3-4 times until it felt right, but idk how to identify what angle I’m currently running… i can send some pics if that helps

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Yah pics would be awesome. It might be possible to tell from that. Im sure youve got them at 0 or 15 since anything else would probably be too crazy. The options on the baseplates are 0,15,30,40,50,60. I think using 15* in front and 0* in the rear would be best because that would give you a 45/30 split which is pretty stable in the rear and still like a normal truck in front for turning.

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For example, in this picture if the two red lines were parallel to each other this would be 0*. Im assuming the baseplates in this image ate at 15* or possibly 30.


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Moon 0 degree VS Boardnamics adjustable. I personally bought Moon baseplates because the Boardnamics ones can start rattling back and forth if the bolt comes loose. Is it an issue when riding – I don’t know, but I didn’t want to risk it on a fast setup :laughing:


Well now I need to go spend money on adjustable baseplates, thanks a lot :laughing:


Ive got a set of BN adjustables if you want them?

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Blue loctite?

Sure, but it’s a friction fit at the end of the day

I feel like they should be sand blasted or something, get a lil bit of grip in there

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That being said I’m probably worrying about a non-issue. @Takachi14 rides with boardnamics adjustable baseplates without issues, and he definitely rides harder than I do

Source: my gf


Why does your GF know takachi rides harder than you? :thinking:

Dont open that can of worms :laughing:

Yea i ride with bn baseplates and they been perfectly fine for me, taken it to 50mph plenty of times and casually rides 35+ most of my rides. So u wont have issues there. moons baseplates are way to tall imo to use for most practical street riding and u also dont want ur board to be super close to the ground for alot of reasons. Biggest being having ur battery pack and esc take impacts from debris, bumps and speed bumps hitting the bottom of ur enclosure if ur undertray mounted.