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WTB: Metal Matrix 2s

Hi guys, I’m looking to get a pair of matrix 2 trucks, hoping to get some in decent condition and preferably they are the black ones but either color is fine. Slightly used is also fine, hoping to get a mounting system for a pair of BLDC 6384 motors as well.

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Good luck brother.

My crystal ball says you will [have to wait till September], but who knows


Keeping my hopes up, always open to other options but they need to have space for dual 6384 motors to clear and preferably a dedicated mounting kit. Don’t really want a “1 size fits all” if you know what I mean

can I interest you in some bionic trucks?


If you’re willing to pay huge shipping there’s always fourwheelride in NZ. They have some metal matrixs in stock!

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Hi, thanks for the interest! First how is their condition? Second is that a plastic mounting plate or a metal one? Third what is the price? I’m really trying to stay within a certain area in terms of looks and preformance, that said I am leaning towards black trucks in general but I will still entertain the offer.

This guy has them in stock. Bought the mechanical kit off him last month. Excellent gear bundle. But they also sell as standalone, the mounts aswell.

Well sonny,

You may just be in luck since I have an extra pair sitting here, used, and waiting to be put on a board.

I do not see myself building a second mountainboard ANY time soon, and if I did, I imagine it would be Matrix 3 trucks or Apex Airs.

Please PM me and we can work it out. You are in even more luck, because it already has mounts JBWelded to it.

They are Oil Slicks in “good” condition.

I haven’t put them up for sale on the forum yet, mostly because - well, I don’t have an excuse, but I know they would sell super quick. So this is your one chance lol

/lazy picture

Edit: Given your situation, I have no idea what you are actually doing anymore, but this offer stands.


I appreciate the offer! Sorry it always seems like I’m running off to something else by the time your around. Just a coincidence I guess lmao im not doing it on purpose. My original plan was to put them into a streetboard with thanes. Then I figured out that they required specialty bearings to fit and they are super weak bearings thay break easily. Loved the look of the combo but turns out I can’t do that unless I want to spend 100 dollars on bearings lmao. Rip the ultamiate street board build. I’ve seen some success with the thanes and matrix 2s on a one-off build on IG by SkateKastle, which was going to be my inspiration, but the people on this forum know best so im just gonna listen and scrap it and use different trucks all together.

Right lol yeah urethane on matrix 2 isn’t gonna happen if that’s what you were going for. Those bearings are tiny

Yea I figured that out earlier today. I saw the one guy did it and seemed to be having success with it so I figured it couldn’t be too hard… man was I mistaking on that one

Why not use trampa gummies, they would fit the trucks. It’s probably not the urethane you were hoping for, but it’s urethane that is compatible with that setup and would still be a decent looking street cruiser… :man_shrugging:t2:

@TheRef I think this is what your looking for! @ShutterShock he may be interested, he loves the matrix 2s.

Heard mixed reviews about them, I guess the grip is good but they aren’t super comfortable to ride. No personal experience though

Why was I tagged here? I don’t need to buy any matrix 2s I already have two sets…?


Aha! So you’re the reason MBS is always sold out. So greedy. Think of the childrens

Lmao I got my first set used with mounts on them from someone on the forum

Then I bought a new set to use with the BN AT drives from like the last place online that had them in stock. Took some searching.


Because @TheRef I believe wanted to buy some. Which is why I tagged him to your original post where you mentioned them for sale. Just tagged you to let you know he might be interested

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Ah I see. I thought he had just said he had 2 sets of Matrix 2 but maybe I read it wrong

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Ha maybe he is hoarding them to make a matrix 2 monopoly lmao. Guess we will have to wait and see

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Ha I do have 2 sets… both on boards and I need another set of trucks… wanting to try something different though.