WTB MBS Bindings


I’m looking for MBS Bindings, F4, F5.

Edit: sorry, yes, I’m in se middle of Germany


Middlezexxion von Deutschland

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I have 2 Trampa sets, with heel straps as well. Just in case you cant find MBS,

EDIT: HMM im in California, I didn’t see your location, shipping probably kills it, good luck

Uploading: IMG_8172.HEIC…
I have the red &black in foot strap only and blue and gold in foot and heel, unused but test mounted 30$ and 35 plus shipping (the pics are just of what I had on file, they are full sets of 2 and 4 respectively, blue and gold shown is heel strap)

Ganz genau!

Could be worth seeing if @Haeroboards has some?
We have them at ApexBoards if not but shipping will be a stinker.

Found some, thanks