WTB: MBS 9" T2 tires

Looking to buy either t2 of equivalent mudplugger
8" would work as well. Or equivalent.
Can also trade some Trampa Vertigo mini trucks.
The reason I say either is because I’d like to get em a little cheaper on here than buy either off the website.

Lemme know thanks guys

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Use the mbs discount code, or is it still too expensive?

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I thought that stopped working

It did for a while, but should be back up working.

15% off


Looks like it still works!
Ok. Now I just gotta decide if I want the 9" but off-road tire of 8" roadie. Usecase is commute so I want the bigger tire but also road style… Hmhmhm.

I’ll sleep on it for now. Unless you know of a 9" road tire?

You could check the wheel comparison thread. Maybe there is something for you as well.
I think I have seen some road tires, but not sure if they also have been 9“

I started there. I’ll keep looking

I have 9" offroad tires that fit fivestars from aliexpress. Can’t find them locally for quicker shipping but I’ll look around.




I appreciate that!
I just got back from a morning hike so I’m going.to start looking into it!

So you happen to know what the I need lip of the 5stars is?
9outer is -4 and inner is -3.5?

Found a decent option. At a scooter parts retailer

Yeah I used to buy from them when I was jacking up my schwinn s500 scooter. I bought a few escs from them when trying to make an esk8 haha.

Those tires are 10" and will bulge a bit over the side wall of fivestars. @RyEnd has a good photo of when he tried it. It’ll work as long as your pulleys aren’t super close to the wheel.


If you are still looking I have a set of 8inch MBS on rockstars I need to sell. Just PM me.

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To avoid the overhang I’ll likely just use standoffs between pulley and wheel

Found these as well.
If @robedude doesn’t work out I’ll be ordering these

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Went out for a skate right after this and found one of these scooters in near mint condition on the curb :rofl:

Brushed 500W currie motor, they overvolt from 24 to 48 volt and barely get too hot to touch. Tops out about 30 mph when over volted. Thing turned on and ran immediately. Lady said she couldn’t find the charger and they were moving so it was free.

Thanks for the luck :four_leaf_clover:


Dannng that’s amazing haha. I need to find something like that for the gf

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Check your local for sales. Schwinn, ezip, 350 or 500 versions are both solid. They take big ol 10" tires and are surprisingly fun to ride. Controllers are sub $50. The batteries are always 2 x 12v heavy sla packs. They fly if you swap to lithium.