Wtb lightly used battery cells....U.S. Florida

Looking for some 40t to expand my pack. Lmk

Edit, now looking for any type of cells as I have many different electric projects ongoing.

New or salvaged?

Prefer not new, due to cost. Not afraid of salvaged as long as they are still good.

Maybe interested in a built pack in 4p

What part of the world are you in?

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Florida, the real merica.

Not sure if I can do a profile with that info from the mobile site. I should check.



It’s in your profile but it also helps to put it in your title or text so others don’t have to look and ask for your location.

like here


or here


Thank you sir, I will in the future.

To be fair, at least having it on the profile is better than like 50% of the listings :rofl:

That way, you only need to do it once, and it’s always done and never forgotten. Plus, it entices a click on your listing to find out where

Bump, need more powah…too many projects.

Anyone have any cheap packs I can salvage?

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Hey! Ive never shipped out cells before, but i have 12x 3p 40t packs. The packs were from a propulsion pack. I noticed 2 of 3p packs drifted but the others were all balanced. I cut the series connections to salvage the cells but i never got around to it.

If this is something you are interested in i can send you a message with photos/volt meter readings in a few hours when i return home.

Let me know!

Its a safe bet 30 of 36 cells are healthy

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Definitely interested

Bumpity bump, need cells

Got a new 12s8p p42 if interested