WTB laser cut grip tape

I want to regrip on of my boards and want a laser cut grip tape. Any of you chaps/lads/whatever have a mad laser cut game and you can sell me some of your grippy goodness. The image I want is…

Blue or navy grip…
220mm wide or if you still use imperial “1 6/38s king’s forearms”

Pm me…

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You can do that with a pen knife and some patience. I used to do a lot of that, its actually not a bad process.

Draw it out on the back of the grip or use a stencil. slowly, without too much down pressure, trace along the pattern with the pen knife. It typically takes 2 or 3 runs with the pen knife.

This is the only pic I can find off hand, but this was done with a carpet knife :slight_smile:.


There’s also @murdomeek’s shop:


Doesnt @esk8supply also do custom grip tape?

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Thanks Mike I will give it a shot.:taco::taco::taco:

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No worries, if you weren’t so far away Id just do it for you. I’ve had bad luck shipping to Australia so, prolly best to not temp the gods :slight_smile:.

Lol no more sacrifices to the postage gods. Working in technology my mind always goes for the HiTech answer. Grabbing so grip tape from the local skateshop today. It can’t be any worse than the enclosure I made this week.

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