WTB (L.A., CA) MR-60 M Connectors for phase wires

Looking for MR-60 M connectors for phase wires. Shipping from China/EU will take weeks or longer.

Amazon is your friend :love_you_gesture:t3:


I haven’t found those on Amazon. Do you have a link?

Got my 10 pack from bezos

YoungRC 10 Pairs Amass MR60 Connector Male and Female Adapter 3 core with 3.5mm Protector Cover for RC Model Connection https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086W5SSFT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_kK.cFb1PF8VQD


Odd my search didn’t bring up anything but now I hit reload page and there are tons of results.

I guess their search system was just fucked up for a moment :rofl:

Either that or it was some sort of operator error :crazy_face:


they were out of stock for those few moments you were searching.


i hate jeff bezos with all of my heart… he is the demon…

we will soon be buying power from the man… his reach is further tham even Jos, Steve could imagine…

but fukk two-day shipping… sign me up

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Seriously. The guy is a sleazebag, but Amazon has wormed its way into our lives.

I just keep coming around to Bernie’s free college plan, and the fact that you could fund the whole thing in its entirety, by taxing just Jeff Bezos by 4.8%.

“How will we afford all this stuff?”
Easy. Tax the rich. Especially the obscenely rich.

Or, we can do it French style and bring back the Guillotine.


fukk…I know it… I understand it… and its fukking wrong…
but $15 entry and two day shipping and 100% returns… he is fukkingh satan…

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That is what gets me about the obscenely wealthy these days. The wealthy have historically taken a bigger and bigger cut of the pie until the pitchforks and guillotines come out. You would think they would have learned from history.

Did you intend to purchase mr30s instead of mr60s… 30 series connector are tiny

I caught it last night… was able to cancel, and get the 60’s. The reason for this post was not to support “my friend,” Amazon. I was hoping someone in the community had a pile of these, and wanted to come off of a few. I’d rather support this community. I’m gonna remove the bad info now. Good looking out.

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somehow your post reminded me of this wonderful tune:

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