WTB - KalyXL Deck

Anybody got a KalyXL Deck for sale?

Unless you need as a replacement, there are many more better/more comfortable decks out there.

Any recommendations? I have a Kaly enclosure from eboosted ive been sitting on that’s why

Oh, got it. Alan’s stuff is so nice.

FWIW, if I bought in this category, I’d go with a Haero Bro or one of those sweet ZFG decks.


:smiling_face_with_tear: It’s comfortable if you have tiny feet.


I’m with you, I had a size 13 at 12 years old I was 5’9( only thing bigger than my feet was…… my god dammed open car door ears)”. My 15 year old wears a 15,just let them hang over

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I’m a size 9 :rofl:


Then I’m not with you in size,only spirit

The only benefit to being size 5 is that deck width isn’t an issue it is actually a size 27.5 EU or 28 for some shoes but 5 is what it should be in US sizes but they’re wrong so often I have to use EU sizes

Downside is that my current deck was made for bigger feet and my feet are diagonal on it but it was designed for them to be horizontal only :weary:

sizes that high sound fake to me :rofl: I know they’re not but they seem made up


[quote=“ApproachCautiously, post:9, topic:80003”]
sizes that high sound fake to me :rofl: I know they’re not but they seem made up
[/quote]my work boots weigh like 8 lbs ,I’d love to have smaller feet

Almost no US shoe makers sell my size though unless they also have kids shoes but no one makes kids shoes to last :sob:

Small is good,this is my right thumb

The it’s admittedly a bit bigger than my left from breaking it several times,but I’d sure like smaller nimble digits.

And bump for deck search

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Op, sorry for waking on your thread, I hope you can find the deck and my foolishness will help keep the thread at the top . I’m any case you have my apologies. I’m old, not mature

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I’ve got a couple. Finally getting around to selling shit. One is stripped to skin and one was about to be stripped. Not sure whats a fair price.

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Got any with plagiarized Disney art?

Was hoping for a Frozen themed Kaly to ward off house fires.

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Just marvel or DC. Not sure which one since I don’t speak nerd.

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Look for rockhard nips- that’s DC’s trademark.

trashing a random guys thread with a photoshopped image of 10000 gill bordons in a room. i approve