[WTB] Hub motor (my Meepo V2 motor died)

Hy. Does anyone have Meepo V2 or similar hub motor that you dont need, want to sell?
I am from Croatia, Europe… and I am withoud my eskate and it is… sad! :confused:

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Have you checked Meepo’s website for shipping prices to Croatia?

If that doesn’t work out perhaps someone here in eu has one spare.

prices on meepo site are ridiculous. i just bought 2x 100mm sleeves for those motors, and now one of them died - replacement is 70$ WITH sleeve… so… no :smiley:
i miiight have found a person in ljubljana who has spare motor… will see :slight_smile:

$70 for a motor is cheap.


especially considering its also the wheel and the entire drive train

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70 bucks isn’t bad at all considering there are maytech motors that are $130 that is chump change. Now I don’t know what shipping on top of that is because that may be a deal breaker.