WTB: Hobbywing ESC/remote

Wanting to buy a hobbywing/wowgo/ownboard ESC and remote.

I’ve been doing lots of experimenting with my elofty drives, trying to find the perfect ESC for me.

Stupidly, I sold my wowgo ESC just weeks before I decided to get an elofty.

For what it’s worth, The latest version of the Hobbywing ESC comes with Turbo mode.
MEEPO NLS Pro, WowGo 3, Backfire Galaxy G2t etc…

As far as I know, Only the Backfires can be purchased as parts.

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I have a backfire G2S ESC I’d be willing to sell for cheap. No remote though.

Sure, send me a pm.

Bump. Still haven’t found one.