WTB - Forward mounts

Looking for some minimal profile, forward motor mounts for my Omakase build… I love my Bkb ones in the pic but they are pretty beat up for a new build. Forward mounts are hard to find in general, so I’m open to other options.

BN M1 street drives?


These work really well

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The @Boardnamics short mounts also work really well

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I might go this route, but this is a little grocery getter/beer hunter build so trying to keep costs down…

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I actually have a set of those, but a little color would be nice… Can’t have everything I guess.

You could paint them, but then you’re adding weight & cost for zero functionality in return.

He could just ride without underwear, that should nullify the weight difference.

But you could ride with no underwear and without the paint weight, for even more performance.


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Stop flirting with Brian lol.