(WTB) Focbox Unity

Hi, hoping to add 4wd to my board. It currently uses Focbox Unity.
Anyone have one they are willing to sell? Used (but without issues) is fine.

Or, does anyone know if I were to add a different dual VESC and connect by canbus if they would have issues if not identical?

Please let me know if you have a lead on something that would work for a good price.


This is fine. As long as they’re both running the same firmware version.

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Got one, 220 shipped

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I got kne with a broke antispark and shorted pins tl use with a loupkey. Not to bogart @KaramQ but @monsterbuilder this seems better than what i had to offer you lol well not better just cheaper

Can you tell me more?
If I have one Unity running normally with on/off switch, then this one you’re selling driven by canbus.
I would just add the Loop Key that I could pull/insert to use as the on/off for the 2nd Unity?

What’s your asking price? Zip code is 97140

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Make sure the loopkey is on the red wire for this, and not on the low side.

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Sorry, what does the “low side” mean?

Black wires, negative side. Lower voltage


My unity is perfectly fine😂, and I’m asking $220 shipped, buy so I don’t end up making another build. No shade to Steph but when you short anything on a pcb, it most likely means something else will come up later on. $220.00 for a OG unity is a killer deal and you won’t encounter the newer unity QC problems

Why? How this work?

Switching the low side while you have CANBUS or any other low voltage ports connected will essentially put high voltage on those ports. And I don’t think I’d want to put -51V on a CANBUS wire, might not end well. But I haven’t tried it.

As long as you switch the red it should be fine, although just spinning the wheels will be enough to boot up the second ESC, and that will probably make this not work in 2WD mode. But at least not work in such a way where as you’re not destroying something.

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