WTB: Evolve GT ESC/Motor Controller 💦⚡🔥

Well this sucks.

I borrowed a friend’s CGT last week and got caught in a rain shower. I turned around and headed back home but hadn’t traveled more than 2km before the board slammed on brakes, almost throwing me into the road.

Defeated, I turned the board off, carried it home and opened it up, only to find this mess:

Long story short: it looks like I need to replace the motor controller. Even after cleaning the ESC with isopropyl alcohol, the motors barely spin before the ESC makes a “click” sound and turns off.

If anybody has an Evolve GT ESC going spare, please drop me a PM. It seems like the top-half is fine, so even just the bottom will do.


I’d deffo check out the Evolve forum. With the arrival of the new range I’m sure people will be offloading or deciding to upgrade/split.

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Will do, thanks @Brenternet

I got one for ya. PM sent.


Bump. Still looking for an Evolve motor controller, preferably located in the EU. Thanks

Do him a favour and put a VESC in there instead :smiley:


I might have one for sale in about two weeks, as someone is upgrading to a Unity.
But yeah, would be better if you invest in a Vesc in this stage, as you already have a custom battery inside.

If it was mine I’d definitely upgrade to VESCs. Sadly the owner wants it back in the condition I borrowed it. Thanks @TarzanHBK, please keep me updated.