Wtb Evolva GT bms

Hey all, anyone got an evolve gt bms I could buy?
Looks like this


Suprised @xsynatic hasn’t come in here telling you to fix your miscategorized buying thread :rofl:

Whoops, on the phone and not paying attention. Fixed now :slight_smile:


You mean like this one? PM me if you are interested. Thanks!

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Exactly like that. Would love it if theres anyone out there with a tested one that they for sure know is working.

Sorry @Rcxotic I’m still interested in yours for sure, but if theres a tested working one out there, I’m interested in that too!

Thanks again

Or if you are in Australia, you’re an instant winner lol

About to pull one out, in USA though… I can get it into the post tomorrow though!

By post I meant mail…

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Pm ya