[WTB][EU] WOWGO 3X Deck and Enclosure

Hello guys! First time for me posting in the market! :eyes:

I’m looking for:

  • WOWGO 3X Deck with original Grip Tape - Reference: #1
  • WOWGO 3X Enclosures (ESC + Battery) - Reference #1, #2

Trying first asking here because shipping time is huge to EU buying from their website (40-55 days!!).

I’m interested in new parts, but I’ll consider used ones after some checks.

ps: I’d prefer WOWGO but I’ll consider combos from other brands in case pictures and measurements are provided.


only those or any boosted clone deck? meepo and exway have similar style ones


Thanks for asking!

I’d prefer WOWGO but I’ll consider other combos from brands mentioned above in case pictures and measurements are provided.


And you’re already doing it better than others that have been here for a while.


Meepo is stiff if you don’t go with the nls.

Exway does not sell blank decks afaik.

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Thank you man!

Good to know! About the Exway, you are right I checked their website.

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Your other option might be backfire. The g3 deck is also quite flexy I’ve heard.

Though they do not sell spare enclosures which makes it semi pointless again.

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Great board but as you mentioned they don’t sell enclosures :cry:

WOWGO seems to be the best choice atm…

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What about apsuboard? Does anyone know this brand?

They sell a deck and enclosures but they ship from US warehouses so I think it’s still a long delivery time to Italy… I also strongly prefer the wowgo design yet.

i think that answers your question

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lol that’s true :sweat_smile: I’m only trying to consider several options.

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I know i know. I doubt you’ll find something comparable.

Here’s a list of brands you can also check:



Thanks dude! I’ll check them out :wink:

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