[WTB] [EU] Surf-Rodz TKP 177mm / 10mm

Looking for more SR TKP trucks in the EU. I know these are rare but it’s worth a shot.

Edit: I’m going to order new sets from the US if I can’t find a used set in the EU. If anyone needs some too, let me know. I can re-ship from the Czech Rep. for very cheap to the neighbour countries – Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia.


Am i wrong in thinking these ones here are what you’re after? If they are sickboards.nl currently has stock

You’d just need the axles from from @Anubis , though it looks like he’s currently sold out of them

Those axles aren’t removable from the hanger

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I know but the sickboards price if you buy the individual parts rather than a full set is just unreasonable. It’s actually cheaper to buy from the US and pay the overseas shipping.


ah right. thanks for sharing that, though they’ve got these too

i didnt know it would be cheaper to order them from the U.S @janpom , thanks for pointing that out.