WTB [EU] single FOCBOX, neobox or FESC 6.6

So my FESC 4.12 just died. Looking for one new focbox 80 eur incl ship
Neobox 80 eur incl ship ( I read that you can get these at the end of the month but I am not quite sure). So this would also be a question to you guys :slight_smile:. And which one should I get if I would go for a neobox the v4 or v6? Running it on FOC is that may help with desciding.
Or a FESC 6.6 80-85 eur incl ship
Hit me up if you have one of these for sale and will gladly buy them for you. Also there is a bit of rush because, I need my rides :wink: .

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Rideneo.co/neoBOX :slight_smile:

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Are you shipping it out already? I thought you would ship it at the end of the month.

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Never mind. Just read it on your topic. It will be shipped out end of april and its the v2 version. So I will try to get one of the other 2 (listed in this topic) before that time and if I cant get my hands on one I will go with your neobox.

Doubt prices will drop that low anytime soon. I might be interested in trading my currect Focbox to you if you buy me a V6 neobox though :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you see this?

Oh no I didn’t but I got a fesc 6.6 from @Mainflow. So @moderators you can close this :slight_smile: Thanks for the message anyway because I would have bought it if I had seen it.

trucks are still on sale