[WTB][EU] Maytech MTO6374-170-HA-C

Editing my post since my plans changed, I’m looking for a MTO6374-170-HA-C with the longer sensor wires, either the full motor or only the stator (broken magnets is fine but the stator must be in good working condition)

If you have one, please let me know, thanks!

HAVE: 2 pcs Sealed Maytech 6374 190kv 8mm stators with short sensor cables, used but working fine
WANT: 2 pcs Sealed Maytech 6374 190kv 8mm stators with long sensor cables
I also have 170kv 8mm stators with long sensor cables that I could trade for a pair of 190kv

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Haggy boards had those motors with long sensor wires and he was clearancing them I’m pretty sure, you can try to get in touch with him.

I have 4 sealed ones with the longer sensor wires but they’re all 170kv.

I tried to get them to work but the cables are just too short for the cable routing I had in mind.
I guess I need to solder on an extension cable on them but figured I’d check if someone has the right ones and is willing to swap

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Plans changed and I’m looking for a sealed Maytech 6374 170kv with long sensor wires, new or used, please see the first post