WTB [EU] 6374 APS 170kv motor

Hello, I am looking for a 6374 170kv used APS motor (already have one). It doesn’t need to be pretty, I don’t care about scratches or slight damage. As long as it is running fine I’ll take it.

Don’t need sensors neither

Hi, I am selling one APS 170KV sensored 6374 right now.
If you are interested please contact me.

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You can find the thread @ electric-skateboard.builders

open a thread over here :blush:


I might be interested, any idea if the size is the same as the unsensored 6374 170kv from APS?
How much would you ask for shipping to Belgium?

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Size is the same.
Shipping would be 9€. But we can share the costs for that.

If you can do 60eur Shipping included the’ I’ll take it.