[WTB-EU] 14mm Keyway for Flipsky 6384

Looking for a 14mm Keyway, ordered everything but a keyway…
Don’t have loctite either, so also Looking for Loctite if no one has a spare Keyway in Europe!


The keyway should be cut into the shaft, and another keyway cut into the pulley or sprocket.

Say what now? 2 part keyway? Whyyyyy?

On topic. Your local hardware store will have loctite for you

that’s how it works
u need 2 keyway and 1 key to make it functional


I totally misunderstood since there’s an translation difference from my native language. At work we sometimes use a 2 part key for the keyway/seat and thought he ment something in that direction.
My bad

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Now when I re-read it. Wtf… :joy:

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its all good, but now i don’t know what that is :joy: :joy: