WTB - Eovan 125mm airless wheels + 50T pulleys

Hi, I’m looking for the Eovan 125mm airless wheels + 50t pulleys! I’m looking to try out 125mm wheels as I currently use 150mm pneummies and it kills range and the small(er) Radium 6455 motors + lower than ideal gear ratio really stresses the motor out. I’ve been looking for some wheels and I think this one’s perfect for now as I can buy it now and it’s a little more affordable than the Omni esk8 140mm rubber sleeve + hubs I was initially planning on. Plus, I was warned of omni esk8’s QC and whatnot. I’ve read reviews and it seems pretty great! If anyone has them in, and preferably in the Asia area to save on shipping, I’m happy to buy 'em off you! Thanks!

Oh and a question too. Does Eovan sell the sleeves only? I don’t know how long the tire lasts but it seems like a waste to chuck a perfectly good hub instead of just replacing the rubber sleeve.