[WTB] Enertion Antispark Switch [EU/GER]

Hey there from Germany!
I’m searching for an Enertion Antispark Switch. Mine is broken. it stays on even though I flip the switch. I hope I’ve posted this correctly so far, it’s my first time.

Thank you!


Better than some of the users that have been here for a long time.

Good luck on your search.


i think @DerelictRobot has a link to a place. :wink:

better off getting something with built in AS.

You can use any anti spark switch. Just wire it in.

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My problem is that the display is connected to it, so I couldn’t use it anymore if I replace it with a different one.

Fuck the display.
It’s on the bottom of the board anyway + the display area is the most risky area for water and dust to get in.

Get rid of the display, i can send you a .STL so you can 3dprint a solid replacement for the silicone pad around the display. = Waterproof

If you really want to keep it, you can get it working with some soldering. It’s not really part of the as circuit