Wtb: dual motor vesc

Looking for a dual motor vesc. Don’t care which model just need something on the cheap and working.

What country are you inside of?

United States

Cheap, working and brand new. Fast shipping too.

Have two of them. Looking for something around $100

Might pick up this esc.

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! $255.50 | New arrival dual 6.7 esc large size Electric surfboard Rc Car Drone E-Bike Dual FSESC6.7 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink

I know flipsky esc’s are meh BUT this one seems decent and I’m only pushing 50 amps per side

Anyone have direct experience / can vouch or tell me to stay away lol

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Want a pair of TB 4.12 ESCs? Never used

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Price? I have a flipsky 6.7 lined up for $100 at the moment.

Thats a $400 dogshit flipsky VESC, MakerX no question…

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That’s my concern. Ended up grabbing a xenith

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Hope you didn’t pay more than $100USD for it, V4 hardware and unreliable switch drivers make it a hard sell in 2023.

Paid exactly $100.

What do you mean by unreliable switch drivers?

Also what’s wrong with v4 hardware?

Ive been pretty unlucky with the DRV8302 gate drivers used on V4 architectures and I am incredibly leery of single MCU architecture (for good reasons as seen by the recent Lacroix situation), various DRV faults and the weird throttle interpolation that happens at 75-85% duty cycle. The switch driver failing is pretty well documented on this site, the driver for the anti-spark mosfets eventually fries open from inrush current and you have to jumper some momentary pins on the PCB eliminating the antispark so you’re stuck with using an XT-90s or equivalent to turn the VESC on.

whats your go to bulletproof esc?

At one point in time I ran a DV6 (non-pro which has now been discontinued) from MakerX for about 3500km without a hiccup, Im on a D60 (based on Trampa 100/250) from MakerX now for 2800km which is also discontinued (lol) but I believe that @Tony_Stark is using the DV6 Pro or DV6s for his raceboards which is the spiritual successor to both of my older VESCs and I would put an ungodly amount of faith in whatever latest 12s VESC MakerX has out based on the V6 architecture or 100/250 architecture.

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Running 10kw bursts through DV6 pro flawlessly. That ESC works so well with the Radium Reachers.

Going to test DV6s next. Supposedly same or better performance in a smaller package.


would love to know this. currently waiting on some skp 6355 motors for my dv4s. any reason to upgrade to a vesc 6 like the dv6s or would it be overkill for my modest 12s2p p42a battery and 205kv motors?

DV4s is perfect for that. DV6 would be super overkill