WTB - direct drive compatible RKP or TKP trucks

Hi boys,
My buying spree is not over.
This one might be a loooooooong shot regarding how young that market is but does anyone sells trucks or hangers for direct drives?
I have a set from bound motors that are on dkps. I like the motors but I use them on my short board so DKP is too much.
I know torqueboard as a drive an RKPs but I don’t think they sell them without motors.

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Try taking out the control arm and using as a modified TKP. This is what eLofty did with my original DD set and I’ve been using it that way ever since.

You got any pic of how this has been done? I’m not sure I visualise

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Just take the hanger off the arm, set arm aside, and mount hanger to the baseplate like on any RKP or TKP. Make sure you get decent depth into the pivot cup and see what you think.

Oh right I’m dumb, I already tried that on RKP and that didn’t fit, but I just looked at a TKP and that might be easy

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Did you find a solution to your issue? I want to dump my DKP trucks from my onsra black carve board and go RKP. I will probably just remove the control arm as mentioned above…cheapest way…But I dont want issues with wobble or control.
I wrote Torque today and asked if they would sell me just the RKP trucks without the motors. Im sutre they would charge alot. Of course…the axle and the motor (motor section) would have to fit the Onsra motors cavity and length.

Removing the middle part worked but was really low. So you might need to experiment with risers.
The good point tho is that it only cost you the time to unmount things so you can have a try and is as easy reversable