WTB deck, boosted shape or similar

See the title baby

Just want a deck no need for trucks or wheels or any of that fancy junk
Lemme know if anyone is selling anything!

Portland Oregon

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Where you is?

Have you checked out Skateshread? They have a few for cheap

Edit: $45 for the board and $20 for shipping

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Damn I paid like $5 shipping when I got a board from them

But it was a 30inch deck so… yeah

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But we need your location to really help.

Skateshred has is in CA so you are on the right coast for cheap shipping for skate stuff.

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I have a boosted vanguard deck

He is in Portland oregan, your neighbor

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Hey sorry for late reply, I’m very intersted! Pm me

Sorry bout that. Edited

I wonder what the quality of this deck is.

I’ve ordered two decks from them. both weren’t too bad. 1 I had to widen the holes a bit for my trucks cuz they were ever so slightly off.

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Decks aren’t to bad there trucks and wheels are on decent quality too. I have a few drop down that I use for custom decks if anyone wants to go that route.