WTB D-Bore pulleys

Can’t find any D bore pulleys for 8mm shaft motors. Really need 12mm wide but I think 15mm might be doable. HTD 5m, 15T.

Even a link would help. Doesn’t look like there’s any in the USA at least.

Haggy boards, dickyho, and Racerstar? I have the Racerstar ones rn

Why not just a normal pulley with grub screw. Should just fix fine if you lock the grub on the flat spot.

You could probably make a piece of metal or epoxy that slides into the D shape and has a 3mm keyway in it.

Still moving their shop looks like.


I’ve been having problems with normal pulleys and grub screws loosening after a couple rides.

@dickyho are you sending out parts? I check every now and again and your ebay is still closed.

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What D shape? 8x1, 8x2 and 8x1.5 all kinda exist. You can find aluminum ones often on amazon

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Are you speaking of how long the D cut on the shaft is, or the cross section?

D shape is usually classified by Diameter x Cutout depth, so 8x1 is an 8mm rounded shaft with a d shape cut 1mm deep


If you’re in a hurry you can also buy 2mm round stock at lowes or fastenal, cut off a piece then file one side flat to fit a regular pulley.


Or drill the bore out on a lathe to fit a locking bushing

I think the racerstar ones are not htd5 if you mean the red ones, i have them too and they definetly are different teeth.

Edit: its 5 gt they state

They work flawless on my board though, however they do wear quite quick.


All the Racerstar ones I have used are all 5mm teeth 15T 15mm, I haven’t seen them in any other tooth count, width, or profile. Evolve gets them made from steel but any not from Evolve are aluminum as far as I’m aware.


And they use gt3 belts right? Maybe thats what the racerstars are too? Never heard of 5gt

I don’t know, I use them with HTD5M didn’t even realize they weren’t HTD5M.

They don’t last very long though. Slightly longer than a stinky fart.

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Yeah, probably because they dont fit the belt well, they wear at the top very quickly. Im not with my board or else i would have taken a picture.

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