WTB Cheap Focer 2

Hello all, I’m trying to purchase 3x cheap focer 2. I’m located in the USA and I should be able to assemble them if only unassembled kits are available. Let me know if you have some for sale thank you!

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I’m hoping to spend under $250 if possible for all 3.

Sorry I forgot to add a picture and price range in the original post.

Can’t remember what they were sold for, but 250 bucks for 3 vesc6 based controllers is quite a tall order! especially now when one processor can cost upwards of 50 bucks on the blackmarket


Indeed. But for unassembled parts kits that doesn’t seem unreasonable since when the items are in stock its about $140 for 5 of them. That would give someone 2 boards for free and they would make $100.

I could be wrong but its worth a shot.

I have 4x cheap foccers, never used. If I ever sell them I’d donate the cash to @shaman since he gave them to me as part of the beta group, I never got around to test them properly tho. Theyre worth more than 100usd each atm just in components.

I wish you luck in whatever you do, hopefully you find the time to make something cool with them!

They’re abit too bulky for my taste, will prob just harvest the components if I end up using them :slight_smile:

I have 2 assembled ones that I’m looking to get rid of. Although one of them loses connection if you bend the PCB :confused:

Are you in the US? I’m definitely interested.

I’m not, but shipping is only like 20$. 90$ For the one without issues, 50$ for the one with sound good? Here’s a pic, will take more before selling. They are conformal coated. No IMU.


I was able to get what I needed, thank you everyone. Please close @xsynatic