[WTB] Chain sprocket (pulley) for kegel wheels




Might fit :tipping_hand_man:Maybe

It would work for 2 of the screws, but the other 2 wouldn’t. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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You could get a chain from gears and sprockets and just drill the right hole pattern if you have the right tools.


Believe it or not these actually do work really well. I have them on a dual and single setup with 190kv 6374’s on 10s and the ratio will get you up to 60km an hour with good acceleration on 97/100mm wheels. A standard skate bearing fits perfectly in the center of the sprocket. I attach the two holes and drill the other two through the wheel. I have put hundreds of kms this way with zero problems. The sprockets are heat treated and i just keep wax chain lube up to them and they last for ages. Just cut a key way in your motor shaft and use locktite on the grub screw and you are good to go. I also buy long lengths of chain and cut and rivet it to size as chances are the chain that comes with the kit will be too short. @rusins


Plan is to use those wheels on an electric snowboard, so I will probably get a lower kv motor because 60km/h would be way too fast for that :smiley: Thanks for sharing your experience!