WTB - [Canada-ON] a VESC/vesc compatible ESC

I’ve been trying to build a CFOC2, but that hasn’t been working out. Anyone got a VESC in Canada? or recommendations on what’s a good value rn? Maybe Maytech?


one or two?

just one, only have one motor for now

Got a trampa vesc6+ I don’t need, but shipping to Canada is probably a ripoff


@JohnnyMeduse - anything on your magic shelves?

@flasher - any spares to sell off?

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@stratoglide has some cfocers he’s been building. Not sure if he has any for sale, but I thought I’d drop his name because you just never know. 🤷


Also welcome to the forum fellow Canadian! There’s a few of us on here. Spread out pretty thin mind you, but there’s defo a few out your way.


I’m all out of spares. Gave 3 away in the last week’s for people who wanted to get into it.

Welcome @alwaysmohawk to the forum. I might head to Toronto one day for one of em ninja nights

Pretty sweet little rides organized from what I could see


Hi all. And local GTA flipsky vesc 75100 if cfoc2 are still supply chocked ?

Also any local vesc Tool technician.

Need the BT vesc board :pray:

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