[WTB] (Canada) 63xx motor

Hey everyone! I’m throwing out a post to see if anyone has any good quality 63xx motors (BKB, TB, MayTech, SK3 etc) available for sale as my single 5065 isn’t cutting it anymore and I realized that the Torqueboards motor mount I bought forever ago and didn’t use is 63mm.

If anyone in Canada is selling that would be fantastic so I can skip our garbage import tax, otherwise I’m interested in anything from North America. Thanks in advance!

I’m gonna put 2 builds worth of parts for sale soon. Amongst the items there will be 2 x TB 6380 motors (silver edition) and also 2 x dickyho 6374 motors. I was planning on selling the complete drivetrain tho. All the motors are new. I’m in Toronto

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Hell yeah, shooting you a PM.

Hit me up when you put up the thread

@Flasher Here is the thread [WTS] Many Pars for Sale (complete drive trains, Batteries, BMSs, Unity, Remote, Pulleys, Gbomb, Davega, Metr.Pro, Belts, Hummie Deck, etc)

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Yep just finished passing through it. Was hoping you’d have some juicy mtb stuff :wink: our mount royal isn’t gentle with other types of builds :joy:

I had a really good time going up mount royal on an eskate last year.

Cool, we go regularly. Come down for a weekend morning and well set you up with a small group ride :slight_smile:
We have packed and slow lanes for esk8
We have dirt and gravel lanes for emtbs