WTB [CAN] 6``/150mm tires that fit evolve/InfinityHubs

I’ve been searching the internet, can’t seem to find anything besides the evolve tires and maybe holding a sunmate group buy. all AliExpress seems to have is 6x2 and xiaomi scooter tires. plenty of 200mm across the internet but I’m looking for the smallest pneumies I can run on these rims (Anshul InfinityHubs).

if anyone’s got some compatible tires and tubes I’m hella interested.

even airless would be good if they fit.

alternatively… sunmate 150mm group buy anyone?

six foot tires?


6 of whatever the tick measurement is. I call it “six prime”

sign me up


’ = foot
" = inch

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tractor frame esk8?

srsly guise this wasn’t a joke. I ended up buying sunmate 50x150 tires from mboards, they look cool but I still want more options as I don’t feel like these are going to be my tire grail. is the market for this size of tire actually so sparse?

and I know I’m derailing my own thread a bit here, call me a hypocrite, but if anyone knows a way I can put hoyt 5" on a kegel pulley lmk what or who I gotta do for that holy knowledge.

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How did the sumates compare to the evolves?

Does sunmate make the tires for Evolve?

I’m on the fence between the two

Better in my experience

No, evolve is kenda

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Nope. They stole the Kenda tread pattern afaik. There are minor differences.

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heck, I learn something new every day

@LongDistance on the flip side, some sets of sunmates are very wobbly

I have a very round and balanced set, my friend in SDESK8 has a set that look much worse than mine, and another has a set that are between our two

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Well I guess based on customer service Evolve would be better if they send a crap set, I hear mboards dgaf

I’ve not had any experience with CS with either company

I would wager that Mboards might be okay, at least you could ask what their warranty on them is before you buy?


I’d go mboards, I’ve had better dealings with them than with evolve. Also just don’t give evolve money, they don’t deserve it.


How the turn tables


Now I feel old xD

Hoping comments like these will be what it takes to resurrect the spirit of @kook

On topic though:
Will Klever 6X2 tires fit these rims? They are plentiful.

AFAIK and have experienced, 6x2 does NOT fit evolve-sized rims


those and bergs are in their own size category

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