WTB- boosted board XR battery

Figured I’d take a shot and see if any of you lovely people have a BB v2 XR battery you’d want to let go. Getting the board tomorrow but 4 miles won’t cut it. Located in the US

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i know a guy thats selling on for 200 if that helps charged once

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Yeah man definitely! Any idea of range on it or anything?

standard is about 5-6 miles top speed whole time and xr is about 11-12 1/2 if your intrested ill check if its still availible they advertise 14

Oh shoot worded that weird haha i meant to say how many miles are on his XR? I’m very interested though. Willing to ship it?

Definitely interested though man let me know what you find out! Much appreciated

I’m sorry he said he sold it last night there’s this though has 300 miles i would try to buy it now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boosted-Board-Extended-Range-Battery/362707237854?hash=item5473093bde:g:9A4AAOSwPn1dNzrJ


Hey Cody-

Did you ever find a battery?