WTB- Boardnamics 220mm Extended Hanger

So I’m tackling a new build. I have unity/turnigy 6374s/modular 12s lipos from my AT board (switch between as needed).

I have regular caliber II’s and motor mounts coming , but need to put some longer hangers on to fit the 6374s. Also in the market for pulley’s, wheels(preferably 100mm), etc…

Hey boss, wrong category.

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No it isn’t :cat2:

Well now it isn’t :expressionless:

I bet you feel really stupid right now.

@Evwan was right haha. Just fixed it

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I know I was just rustling his jimmies xD

I have a set of bn220 hangars, idk what you mean about extended though I just have the stock 220s but if those are what you’re after I’m letting mine go

I’m interested. The original Caliber II’s weren’t that wide, which is why I said “extended”.

Message me

Lol didnt i message you about those like a yr ago?

Oh fuck I forgot about that. I guess you have first dibs.

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Lol im good man let this guy have em :cowboy_hat_face:

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I remember I got a ton of messages in a short span back then and I guess yours got buried, sorry about that

…I’ll buy any that OP doesn’t…

We all know about your BN270 addiction @Kai

Totally not tryna monopoly secondhand BN hangers I promise.

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I have them in stock if neeeeeeded.


I could use some stuff I’ll have sober me message you tomorrow he’s been on break since yesterday

How do you like the 270’s? Still want decent carve-ability but haven’t used the 270’s before