Wtb: bn m1 parts

In need of bn 184/220mm hanger adapters
8mm Axle spacers
Enclosure bolts.

Just need one hanger or the set?

I need the hanger adapters for bn trucks. But if you have hangers I could be interested in a set.

What length of bolts do you need, and what head do you want on them? as in button head, socket head, flush fit (it is flush if you countersink the hole first), or the weird combo where it is the same shape as the flush fit bolts but the top of the bolt is slightly round.

depending on what you need I might have enough extras to send some to you. I usually buy the bolts that will sit flush but I do have some other types.

I’ve got a set of bn 220s that I could part with and the majority of an m1 gear drive, maybe all of it except the O ring…

Im just missing a single exterior enclosure bolt for an m1 drive.

How much for the bn220 hangers

And for the m1 gear drives I just need the 8mm spacers that go between the wheel and drive pulley, the large oring, and the hanger adapters.

I thought you needed bolts for your esc/battery enclosure. my bad