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WTB Bestech 12S BMS Li-Ion or similar in USA

Hello Guys:
I’m looking for a 12S BMS from someone who could ship right away.

Let me know

first item in post… lemme know what u think, if you need brand new I understand but basically is…

Hey man, thanks for the heads up. Yes, I’m looking for brand new.

Charge only?

@thisguyhere normally has some, no?

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Nah im out atm

Thanks colleague, I contacted him yesterday. Hope he has something

I have a brand new bestech charge/discharge bms with e-switch, $55 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested


Thanks man! I was looking for the discharge only because of lack of space! Thanks anyways

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I think you mean charge only, discharge only would be a very unique BMS…

Please add a price, all items for sale are required to have pic and price.

Sorry, you are right, I mistyped it :sweat_smile:

Post edited to include pricing, thanks for the heads up.


no worries, just avoiding problems where I can. thanks for the quick response.

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@eBoosted you still need some? I have 4 12S d140 laying around. I can spare 2.


Thanks guys, I order one from Longhairedboy as I neded it ASAP and he was the only one who I was able to contact on Sunday

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