WTB Assorted Parts

I’m getting parts for an upcoming build, looking for new or like new only, whatcha guys got?

  • [<= $315 shipped] Spintend uBox ESC with Uni1 remote
  • [<= $180 shipped] DAVEGA X kit, bracket, baseplate (all red)
  • [<= $172 shipped] Trampa Superstar hubs (black rim, red spokes) {could go for 1 or 2 spare}
  • [<= $157 shipped] Shreadlights SL-1000/R1 Skateboard Combo Pack
  • [<= $135 shipped] Landyachtz Evo Spectrum 40 (black)
  • [<= $120 shipped] METR Pro Can + SD card shield + GPS + small external antennae
  • [<= $119 shipped] Metroboard 155mm tubes and tires {could go for a spare set}
  • [<= $68 shipped] LTT 15s 120A BMS
  • [<= $66 shipped] InfinitySink Mini
  • [<= $34 shipped] 16100-2RS bearings

I would be happy to trade items too, valued in your favor probably, this is what I have off the top of my head but I will update as I find more in the piles

  • [new] DieBieMS BMS (missing a few cables and connectors I think, no clue how it works)
  • [new] 2x MBS 72T wheel pulley
  • [new] 2x Exway 36T wheel pulley
  • [new] 2x Daly 10s BMS
  • [new] Daly 16s BMS
  • [new] Daly 18s BMS
  • [new] 2x LTT 10s BMS
  • [new] 2x BN black Caliber II clamps

I have the bearings :hugs:


I have a black DaveGA but I suppose you mentioned red as that’s the only one you’re looking to buy >.<

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Ya I’m planning to have red accent colors, getting a little bored of black everything lol

Racist… : p


Uhh oh :eyes::eyes:

Currently looking for a uBox and Uni1 too!

Seems kinda sus, do I send him a mail?

I’ve been looking for assorted parts too!!! Can you fulfill my needs and take my money too?


I want an assorted parts too. Do you have one I could buy?

Edit: and he’s gone!


I don’t understand how stupid that person can’t be. It was too slow to be a bot. If he sent it to one person, it’s believable. If you send it to every wtb thread claiming you have everything then it’s obviously a scam lol


Looking for a pair of Paris baseplates and Riptide Caliber II cast pivot cups too!

The hunt continues!

  • Trampa Superstars (black rims with red spokes)
  • Metro 155 tubes and tires (4 to 8 of each)
  • Spintend uBox and Uni1
  • NC3 MPR-HD (OneWheel XR charge port)

Also recommendations for any cells comparable to a 30Q (15A 18650), turns out you can’t fit 3p 21700 packs in a Evo enclosure

Last ask for Superstar hubs! Or any Trampa discount codes

Looking for a uBox again, or any other 15s compatible system

Got any wheel pulleys for mbs rockstar 2? I’ve got a full set of superstars (black with chrome spokes). As well as some pulleys for them (cant remember spoke count).

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Not anymore, sold off a little while ago :sob:

I’m gonna be running BN AT GDs so no more pulleys on this one

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Find me some 69-72t rockstar pulleys and I’ll happily trade you for these superstars with the pulleys???

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I have some 72t rockstar 2 pulleys if zach cant help u


I will see if I can make that happen :+1:t3:

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