WTB any board with 2 6384+ motors

I’m looking for a 2wd complete board with at least a 6384 motor or larger (Big guy with steep hills everywhere). Doesn’t need to come with a battery, BUT MUST BE ABLE TO SHIP OVERSEAS (nz). If you’re willing to ship with a battery must be 12s.



maybe @glyphiks knows someone


@rosco would be a better bet.


:grimacing: I can’t help with any boards for sale personally sorry.

Maybe try (dare I say it) Facebook groups? I’m CHCH and there’s a few dudes in there who might have a garage full of boards and keen to sell one?

Location in NZ?


Yeah I tried all the north island groups first haha, put up a post today so let’s hope someone has something.


Bro I’m not big on fb groups etc but it’s a chance. Nz is small. I’m on diy only but not nearby and can’t help sorry. Good luck!!


can aussies ship to nz batteries?

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Yeah was originally going that route but shipping anything in is becoming a hassle haha

If you’re in nz I recommend simpower, good battery builders

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I could sell you this board.
It’s a rayne demonseed 39" deck with Kahua trucks and @avX Herringbone gear drive with Bergmeister and Kegel wheel adapter. Comes with two different motor gears with the appropriate toothcount for 110mm urethane and Bergmeister wheels.
The electronics are two 6.4 hardware Escape VESC’S on a single heatsink and a metr pro. It also has the latest Flipsky Antispark switch designed by @Gamer43 installed.
The motors are 6374 Maytech with closed can.
The enclosure holds easily a 12s7p or 12s8p battery.
Currently I have a 11s8p battery with Nese modules in there.
Hit me up if you are interested then I will make a sales thread for it.
Ships from Japan.

Remote is VX2, comes with Bergmeister Hubs and tires with spare tubes. A set of TB 110mm urethane wheels is also included. This setup eats any mountain easily.