WTB Abec 97-107s or TB 110 w/ 36t kegel 15mm

I’m not liking the TB160s so goin to try thane’s.
Preferably used and cheap :sob:
Looking to buy Abec 97/107 in black or TB 110 black with 36t 15mm kegel adapter.

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I’ll trade you straight up for a set of unused (not new) black OG abec 107mm and throw a set of green abec 97mm (used but still reads over 96mm and no chunking or cuts), or a set of red abec 97mm (same condition as green ones)

Give me a few minutes and I’ll PM you some pictures if you’re interested.

Edit: They cleaned up too nice to be hidden in pm lol.


@BillGordon close her down please sir. Hes got some 107s now.