(WTB) a landyachtz switchblade 36 jesus christ how come nobody has one of these

Baby Killer on eBay. It’s been there, maybe it’s negotiable? Ronins are fucking sick, and they are still supporting the trucks, just not making new product (you can get the pins and cups and doo dads etc, tall bushings rule)
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Not much, lemme text you later!

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Wow, baby killer.

Im in Norfolk VA.

Idk how much the extra 2 inches is gonna change that snug feel but I’m down to see it out, where are you out by? Are you cool with shipping/selling just the deck?

How tall are you? I’m 6’4 and find the 38" perfect for pushing. If you’re much shorter, then the 36" would be better, but if not, go for it!

I have one that I am getting ready to strip down and part out. I would prefer to let it go with the custom fiberglass enclosure I made. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you more pics.


Is this 36??? I’m 100% interested, sending you a dm

Yeah I’m 5’10. I think 36 really might be that sweet spot, I tried a switch at 35, not sure if that’s because of the deeper drop or the length but it felt too tight.

I found my SB 38" to be a bitt too small for my 1m80
You may try a 38" before you dive in :slight_smile:

Damn thats a nice enclosure on it! I am just about to make my own, any tips?

I’m 5’10" and use a SB 40". It felt long at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly and it lets me get lower for slides. Plus you’d have an extra 4" for batteries or ESC placement, and EBoardsPeru already has an enclosure for the 40.

I owe it all to this thread right here https://forum.esk8.news/t/40-home-depot-custom-enclosure/7350.


Same here, I am 182cm

This look like a switchblade to you guys?

Side pics? That looks like it

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Yeah it looks like mine, 38" switchblade
Might be a Switch, if there’s no drop

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Switch was a top mount drop deck, with far more drop than a SB.

Judging by the art, it’s a 2014 Switchblade 38".


Thanks! Yeah, I saw a switch for sure when looking around, although they were calling it a switchblade, thanks for clearing up which is which for me.

Nice deck. Sold out everywhere. Would make a nice deck for my first build.

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I mean the Switchblade 38 that MYKC has.

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