(WTB) a landyachtz switchblade 36 jesus christ how come nobody has one of these

Hands down my favorite deck but it’s sold out everywhere and nobody is selling it online.

Does anybody have one of these? I’m really looking for the deck but if you have it in a pusher setup i’d be willing to consider that as well.

If you have a similar deck (double drop + aggressive W in 36 inch) let me know.

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how come nobody has one of these

Because they’re discontinued :disappointed:


I have a switchblade 40" for sale but I assumr you want other similar 36" decks?

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go check ebay, i think i’ve seen those 36 during my hunt for 40

Original is back in the game. The Apex isn’t quite the same, it is single drop (platform, preserving leverage) and is quite flexy, but offers good support at the short wheelbase option. (I roll with my double barrel Indy 215s on mine slammed outwards, and it claps the ground on a pump/hard carve, but you don’t have to do that xD) This is for their 34 in AvRocker concave mold, I have the 40 Diamond Drop, and lemme tell ya that cave is aggressive (it also puts concave is the actual drop =o), idk about the AvRocker, you’d have to look into how aggressive it is, but they only have that and only in 34 right now. The OG founder just came back to them recently and they’re in production (for decks, their wacky torsion trucks might be out/run out) but not on a large scale as far as I can tell, my Apex was apparently from a batch of 40.

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There’s two sizes of Seismic Compass, more like a Drop Cat =\

Here we go, the made-to-order deck company, Subsonic, with their GT40 model, which has eBoosted enclosure support as well =o


They’re discontinued?! Fuck I was excited and hoping they at least got restocked down the line in a month or so. That sucks

gonna keep looking around and hope somebody has one lying around

This is probably ift for eboard setup but it’s 40, and I kinda wanna push around with a switchblade as well.


I’ve got two other ideas up top, smaller, less relevant however =\

Did you look at the bustin Sportster?

I’ve heard about it but I’ve been told the concave is a lot more flat on that one. If I find someone and me with one I should probably give it a test drive

Appreciate the ideas man, I don’t think they’ll fill up the hole the switchblade left though :confused:

@DEEIF Wassup!

@ohitstarik where are you located? I have a 2019 Switchblade 38@ that I’m half assed building with.

Have you considered this?

Here’s my switchblade

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short maple demonseed, good call, and good find lol

Baby Killer on eBay. It’s been there, maybe it’s negotiable? Ronins are fucking sick, and they are still supporting the trucks, just not making new product (you can get the pins and cups and doo dads etc, tall bushings rule)
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Not much, lemme text you later!

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Wow, baby killer.