WTB 50.4v 12s Charger

Want to buy a 50.4v 12s charger. Preferably 4a and above.

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If you want “new” there are some here

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I actually saw those during an earlier search, but I dont know what their shipping time is like and those prices aren’t exactly competitive.

I dont care if it’s used as long as it works haha

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TB shipping, as long as the rest of your order is in stock is usually not more than a week or so.

$90 can get you more than 5.5A, but not shipped in the USA quick that I know of.

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That’s not too bad. Ali express has a lot of options, but shipping will take a long time if I recall correctly

very long time

2 - 20 weeks to the USA

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My average is around 6 to 7 weeks to Cali most of the time. Rare occasions will be 2 to 3 weeks

There was one outlier that took like 5 months, thought for sure it was just lost but then it showed up one day

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That’s my experience as well

2 weeks is fast af
7 - 8 weeks is normal
20+ weeks a few times, but not typical

I’m in USA in the center

@b264 @ShutterShock Yeah thats why I’m asking on here.

Even amazon is giving me some crazy time periods.

I’d just buy the TB charger if you want to skate anytime soon.

If you have a charger and want another one, then Ali

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I ordered one from Amazon that may or may not get here by the 18th.

Was hoping that one would hold me over until I could get the Meanwell I actually want. Wish there was a store I could go to that sold things like this

I have a 4a one that all you have to do is change the plug “came with ru style plug”

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Sweet. I’ll pm you

You’d arrive and everything they had would be freedombibless per cheeseburgergun when all you’re looking for is volts and amperes.

Might as well just shop online anymore. At least they have metric.

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Ah yes, I’d like one hammockfull of output please


Maybe five and twenty-seven sixty-fourths of a double US hammock for this one, not to be confused with the UK hammock which is 3% larger


The proper conversion is eighty-fifths of a foot-pound cubit eagle.

Ah I had completey forgotten to convert my imperial hammockfull to metric hammockfull


Will a dc 5.5x2.1 hold up to 7a?
I’m looking at this one or the one @Fosterqc linked above for an out and about fast charger.


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The all metal ones might be ok. Above that you should move to gx-something.

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