[WTB] 20mm Wide Motor Pulley (US)

Hey guys,

Anyone have some 15T HTD5M motor pulley for 8mm shafts? Needs to be able to take 20mm belts and have a slot for keyway.

Let me know if anyone has some laying around, ordering from China takes way too long.

Gearing the board too high with 16T, heats up pretty quick, suggested that 15T can reduce that.


What’s your wheel pulley? Anything smaller than a 15T has a low gear count that actually meshes with the belt so it’ll skip. Might be better to increase wheel T count

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not going lower than 15T, I just need that. I run my belts as loose as I can be, no skipping on 20mm wide belts.

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I only have 12, 13, 14 in 20mm.

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Oh sorry I’m an idiot that didn’t understand

Thanks! Damn, so close to 15.

14T gonna be too slow unfortunately. Don’t want to get new 20mm wide wheel pulley too lol

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What are you using it for?

I have 72T MBS/Trampa in 20mm.

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Running on ABEC thane. 16/36T 230kv on 12s.

Happy with the speed, just trying to lessen the overheating on the motors.


Bump lol

You ever find a good source? I need some too

Preferably in steel or something else stronger than alum


All I found back then were aluminum.

Buy bulk keep replacing them I guess lol.

Ebay probably best bet

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@Venom121212 have a set of 2 slightly used I can send your way while you wait getting them from china?


Yes please! I appreciate you checking that out for me.

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I finally found an ebay seller selling some steel ones!

But of course 15T is out of stock. Going to try 14T/72T and hopefully the belt won’t skip too much :grimacing:

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Link?? :call_me_hand:

Whoops :sweat_smile: