WTB 2 six shooters

Anyone have just 2 six shooter hubs? Or maybe just even one?

If you guys wonder why, this is why

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@Brenternet might have some


@mmaner maybe the bent hubs i sent you?

That thing is the devil :slight_smile: .

I have put it on the press no less than 6 times. I even cut a piece of pipe and milled the ID to the OD of the hub, made sure the profile was perfect, pressed the hub and it looked perfect. I put a tire and tube it, that lasted 5 mins and the tire started pushing the all out. I think its just too week after the bending of the rim wall to hold the pressure.


omy … burn it with fire


Gonna take it to a catholic church first, have the demons expelled and then BURNNNNNNNNN! :slight_smile:


Damage from the panda run-over?

Fatigued maybe? Not you!

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Its definitely fatigue, but I tried bend/press it back into place a bunch. It’s the initial damage plus my ‘work’ on it, not the wheel.

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@Brenternet Got extra hubs?

I have four that I would let go, just talking to someone about them at the moment so possibly sold.

I’m in the UK though, I’m sure you can find some locally?

Yeah that’s a bit far… I just don’t want to miss the evolve demo this saturday. Want to go troll the evolve users with my board lol

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That’s a cause the community could surely rally behind.

Have you spoken to Dave? @Psychotiller - Can this man get two of your fine wheels so he can shit all over Evolves? Perhaps if he agrees to wear a pink tutu all day with photographic evidence?


@Psychotiller if this is what I have to do then so be it


Sooo well basically

And if you check in the photos thread, you can find that my trucks are bent aswell and I’ve also got inserts that are ripped out of the deck

Oh wait… I think I found someone in NYC willing to sell me 2 hubs