WTB: 2 motors (US)

Im leaving town for work for an extended period and want to pick up some motors to ride while im gone. unfortunately looks like a lot of sources may not get them to me in time and i don’t wanna chance it. Does anyone have anything new or pretty good condition? Looking for 6374, 6384 or something comparable. What about Reacher motors? anybody?


@Skyart could probably hook you up pretty fast Depending on budget
I know @Boardnamics just got a shipment in
If you buy him a pizza he might send it pretty quick


In stock and ready to be shipped today.


Do you know if i get them on tb 218 hangar with belt drive? Was thinking about upgrading the hangar too but unsure if i can afford everything at once just yet.

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Let me check


I think it depends on the pulley you use, might be a close fit


My bergs with moon pulleys are somewhat narrow i believe. That looks close to where my mounts are now. I’m going to take a look when I get home and maybe hit you up on that pay in 4 plan.


I got 190KV FS 6384 BH ready to go.

$115 bucks which is super low as of right now. I gotta bump that up soon.

ppssssstttt…I also got hangers


I ordered some from you last week. Any shipping info? :wink:

@Skyart is hookin me up so this can be closed @xsynatic

@Boardnamics youll be getting an order soon, too

If anybody has a source for 10mm motor pulleys, shoot me a pm.

Edit: good on pulleys now too

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