WTB 18T or 20T pulleys for 15mm belts

I’m looking for 18T or even 20T motor pulleys that will fit 15mm belts!!

@Boardnamics has some 18t

What bore? 3mm keyway?

@dickyho has 18t steel ones :ok_hand:

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yessir, 3mm keyway!

What bore? 8mm and 10mm are common ones.

@dickyho is https://www.ebay.com/usr/eboard-shop

ahh fuck, sorry, 8mm bore. For TB 6355 motors if thats possible?

Yep, he has those


dopedopedopedopedope thanks!

or if youre in a major hurry u can get aluminum ones off amazon sometimes too

I got them fat BOIs coming from brenternet so I should be set!

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Seriously some of the nicest pulleys you can get.

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We have some too on our website in 12mm and 15mm.

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The ones currently causing me issues are actually from you, but I believe it is more of a user error on my end than anything on yours. There is a very slight lip or overhang on the caguamas which were causing the belts to rub against the wheel, so I put some shims inbetween the pulley and the wheel as a spacer.

It works but may have subsequently bent the pulley =/. I’m not sure though honestly what the issue is. @torqueboards have you set and ridden these pulleys with caguamas beofre? Have you ever experienced this issue before? Another user had the same issue and suggested the shim ring fix, just curious if others have experienced the same and what their solutions were to the issue.

@whaddys Not sure if you have the latest ones or the older ones. But the latest ones are easier to assemble as they have legs that line up.


If you have the older ones you have to align it straight and equally bolt down the bolt holes. Doing it incorrectly and you’ll most likely have issues similar to what you’re experiencing.

Also if the belt is rubbing against the wheel. You just need to re-position the motor pulley so the belt isn’t touching the wheel. Just move the motor pulley a bit and the belt alignment will change and will be less on the wheel. Of course, it’s better if your drive wheel pulley is lined up properly.

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Oh. I like the new pulleys.


yeah those new pulleys are sexy, I have the old ones lol. Thanks @torqueboards, stellar customer service as always!

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I was doing this but it caused the belt to hang slightly off the pulley which seemed suboptimal

@whaddys yeah, there’s ultimately not enough space for adjustment. It’s probably only about 2-3mm so you’d definitely have to fix the drive wheel first.

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